About Us @SageShoppe

Sage Shoppe is in the human and social innovation services business.

We work closely with groups and institutions that want to grow, change, or create a new approach, but require customized data, analysis, research tools, internal assessment, group facilitation, or planning services.

We focus on sustainability and social transformation as the central tenets of our work.

We know, and believe, that quality of life is achieved through long-term collaboration and relationship management towards human-centered goals. Our work-process, challenges traditional institutional services firms, because we emphasize integrative collaboration and human-centered design.

Our Projects:

Disadvantaged Transit Users’ Experiences of Micro-Navigation in New York State’s Capital Region: Moderated Focus Groups and Data Analysis

Deliberate Inclusion: A Solution for African-Descended Peoples in The Era of Digital Capitalism

H@cking the Global Digital Divide PART 1: Deliberate Inclusion, A Solution

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